What is BYOT?

BYOT stands for "Bring Your Own Telephony." Most call tracking players sell their clients phone numbers and minutes at an up-charge. Users often don't use all the numbers and minutes that they are paying for though. Then if a customer decides to end the call tracking service, the numbers they bought from their tracking provider get stuck in telephone purgatory. This model is clearly not in the best interest of the customer!

Rather than marking up a commodity, TraaqrSMB is a FREE call tracking product from Advocado that allows customers to BYOT. This same call tracking technology is built into Advocado's other product, MicroMoment+. With both products, we work closely with our clients to integrate the telephony they already use. If they do not currently have a telephony provider, we help them find the right partner and support them every step along the way as they get up and running.

In fact, we have partnered with Nexmo to provide all Advocado customers with a discount on their phone numbers and minutes. To learn more, drop us a line!