A Comprehensive Overview of TraaqrSMB Site Settings

A guide to the Site Setting field meanings and how to set things up.

Site ID & Site Token: These will come into play should you upgrade to MicroMoment+

Site Name: You should already have a name for your site, but feel free to update it here at any time.

Site Category: From the drop down menu of options, select which category your site best falls into.

Phone Number: Incoming calls will go here. You can also specify a SIP URL. Phone numbers must be input in the +15555555555 format.

Pre-call Whisper Tone: If enabled, agents will hear a message with the Traaqr call ID before the call is connected.

Phone Number jQuery Selector: Specify how to determine which phone numbers should be replaced with Traaqr numbers. If you are not familiar with jQuery, please contact your website manager or Advocado Support for help.

Phone Number Replacement Rules: We'll replace the exact number you list here with TraaqrSMB numbers.

Auto-assign Phone Number?: If enabled (which is the default setting), a new phone number will be served to each new web visitor. If it is turned off, Dynamic Number Insertion will not occur. You can override the disabled setting by adding traaqrActive=true or override the enabled setting by adding traaqrActivate=false as a query parameter to the URL. If you are unfamiliar with URL parameters, you can head here to learn more about parameters for Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Phone Number Format: Choose how the TraaqrSMB numbers should be displayed. For example, do you prefer (555) 555-5555 or 555-555-5555?

Fully Qualified Domain Names: List all of the URLs without the http:// or https:// that route to the website TraaqrSMB is tracking. If you aren't quite sure what to input, you can learn more about fully qualified domain names here.

Call Reassociation Time: Time to wait until the call can be reassociated with a new call with the same ID.

Business Hours: Set the time of day that the team associated with this site starts accepting calls and stops accepting calls.

Get user's location via GPS?: By turning this on, you can choose to either have Traaqr request your web visitors' location or have your site request your visitors' location.

Track Lead Call: By enabling this feature, TraaqrSMB will qualify a call as a lead based on the "Minimum Call Duration to consider as a Lead" that you set (in seconds).

Track Sale Call: If this feature is turned on, users will have three options for tracking sales.

  1. Connect CRM for Conversions: this option is only available when your account is integrated with a CRM. By selecting this method of tracking sales, TraaqrSMB will automatically pull sales conversion details including sale amount.
  2. TraaqrSMB Internal Conversions: by selecting this option, users can enter conversion details within the call records of TraaqrSMB. By checking the box next to "Activate post call touch tone conversion collection," users will be able to enter whether or not the call was a sale and enter in the sale amount using their phone's key pad.
  3. Call as Conversion: this is our least recommended way of tracking sales because it is the least precise. By selecting this option, you will be prompted to establish an Average Sale Amount per Call and the Minimum Call Duration to consider as a Sale. When this option is enabled, any call that reaches the Minimum Call Duration will be marked as a sale in the Average Sale Amount denoted.