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What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking Defined

Call tracking is marketing software that integrates with a company’s website and is designed to connect offline sales calls back to the online user journeys and marketing channels (paid channels like Google Ads or unpaid channels like social media) that drove a person to call in the first place.

Call tracking was developed to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing and sales efforts. Consider for a moment that digital channels generate 92 percent of calls made to businesses. What’s more, 70 percent of mobile searches will eventually result in a call, and that number will only rise in the future. Indeed, annual call volume is expected to reach 162 billion per year in 2019. In brief, there is plenty of evidence to indicate the connection between online content and offline sales calls. As such, call tracking helps your marketing and sales teams coordinate more effectively so your business can market better and –– in plain terms –– make more money. However, there’s a difference between traditional call tracking and how we think about call tracking at Advocado. Below you’ll find a guide to all things call tracking –– from basic implementation to deep-level insight.

Why Businesses Need Call Tracking

It seems counter-intuitive, but the more digital our world and workspace becomes, the more important call tracking software is. That’s because most web searches for businesses will result in a phone call. No matter how comfortable people are shopping online, in many instances they require a human interaction to finish a major transaction. So how are you supposed to know which ad, post, or marketing campaign inspired a visitor to call your office? This is where call tracking comes in. With call tracking, you can identify exactly how any caller came across your company, and determine what led them to your site. Furthermore, with advanced call tracking with Advocado, you can see which phone calls ended in sales and use this data to make your online marketing smarter. This is a vital feature, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

Call Tracking Numbers

Call tracking enables a company to identify which ad, social-media post, or article drove a viewer to your business. And it achieves this by assigning unique call tracking numbers to each individual piece of marketing content or campaign you create. That way, you can see which of your efforts are generating the most calls to your business. This will obviously benefit any company –– but it's only the start of what call tracking can provide.

Getting to Know Your Customers

Call tracking will help you develop more in-depth profiles for both current and potential customers. With call tracking, a business can track incoming caller ID, location, and even what device they used to make contact. This knowledge will provide useful data about your customers and how they interact with your company. With advanced call tracking, marketers and salespeople can also see which web pages and products a caller viewed before (and during) the call. It’s also worth noting that call tracking from Advocado will automatically send conversions back to the ad platform that generated them, thus streamlining the data collection process and helping those systems find more qualified prospects.

Call Tracking Software 101

Now that we’ve established what call tracking is, it’s time to take a look at what it can do. Here’s a quick look at some basic features and advantages you can get started with right away.

Conversion Rate Analytics

Everyone has their own preferred method for tracking conversions. Some business owners count conversions when a lead downloads a content offer. Still others reserve the title of “conversion,” only for those customers who complete the sales journey. However you choose to track conversions, call tracking technology can help you monitor them more closely –– and optimize your content to create more conversions. Rather than guessing at what marketing and advertising content drives sales, you can instead identify the most successful campaigns, posts, and pieces you’ve created. Plus, call tracking from Advocado will register these conversions automatically, which means your team can access and utilize that intel right away.

Calculating ROI and ROAS

Of course, every business owner wants to make smart investments and glean a healthy return from them. However, few will actually take the steps necessary to ensure they receive the best possible results from their marketing and advertising spend. Fortunately, with call tracking entrepreneurs can easily calculate both return on investment and/or return on ad spend (ROI and ROAS) –– depending on preferred marketing tactics. Since advanced call tracking goes beyond the call, and it’s easy to see which calls led to sales and which didn’t. Thus, calculating internal metrics like ROI and ROAs has never been easier.

Dynamic Phone Numbers

One of the greatest advantages call tracking technology presents is the ability to connect offline sales calls back to the online content that generated it. Dynamic call tracking numbers are crucial to this process. At Advocado, we deploy set channel numbers dedicated to static marketing campaigns. In addition, our call tracking technology monitors customer behavior down to the smallest detail. So when someone visits your website, they’re served a phone number unique to them and their customer journey. In this way, every conversion in your system is accounted for.

Multi-Channel Attribution

One reason why some businesses eschew call tracking or marketing analysis of any kind is because they find it too difficult to grasp. Given the amount of industry-specific lingo that marketers use, it’s understandably tough for an outsider to make sense of many aspects of call tracking metrics. The truth though, is that beneath the arcane terms and confusing concepts, virtually every company can benefit from call tracking technology. This is especially apt in regard to multi-channel attribution, which itself can be a tricky concept to fully appreciate. Here we’ll take a deep dive to address this all-too-common question, what is multi-channel attribution? Furthermore, we’ll explain why it matters and how call tracking can make your marketing/sales efforts more effective than ever before:

What is Multi-Channel Attribution?

Digital business interactions aren’t straightforward anymore. Few people click on only one piece of marketing content before they decide to do business with a company. Think of the way you’d search for a product, for reference. You would probably click on several sites first before picking the one you like best. From there, you might click on an ad that brings you to a landing page. Or you might check out a blog post the company has created that’s relevant to your interest. Or you might even look them up on a social media platform. The point is, most customers interact with a business across multiple channels before they make the decision to contact a sales representative.

Improving ROI with Multi-Channel Attribution

The problem inherent with customers engaging with multiple pieces of content is the inability to determine which piece actually drove a sale. Was it the ad they first viewed on Google? Or perhaps a blog they read after? Or could it even have been a review on social media? Since modern companies utilize a diverse array of marketing strategies, they need a way to identify the most successful of those efforts. Not only will this allow them to eliminate or alter the content that isn’t working, but they can then also direct more resources toward already potent marketing work.

Progressive companies study their marketing efforts because they know it will provide them with a blueprint to form more successful campaigns in the future –– and they’ll garner a healthier return on investment as a result. In addition, if your company advertises through traditional media like radio or television, it’s essential that you find a way to connect those efforts to your digital content as well. (This makes sense after all; ideally, your content should reach your leads and direct them to other areas of your marketing strategy.) Lastly, call tracking software should lower the amount of capital a company has to spend on advertisements while increasing revenue at the same time. For more in depth look at how call tracking from Advocado has already helped a business lower ad spend 34% while simultaneously increasing sales by 54%, check out our case study here.

Multi-Channel Attribution with Call Tracking

It’s virtually impossible to set up a functional channel attribution model without call tracking technology. That’s because only call tracking software will enable you to see which pieces of content generated phone calls and (more importantly) sales. By using tracking phone numbers attached to individual pieces of content, you can automatically determine which are working and which aren’t.

The Benefits of Online-to-Offline Call Tracking

The positives of being able to determine where calls come from are massive to any business that is involved in serious marketing. Identifying which ad campaigns are sending calls to your offices and which ones are missing the mark is the first step toward optimizing your ad strategy. And since Advocado's call tracking automatically logs conversions back into your ad platform, you’ll have the ability to do so. In addition, call tracking will inform your sales team exactly how a caller discovered your business, which ads they viewed, how long they viewed them, and other key intel they would otherwise not have access to. Hence, your sales team can focus on what’s most important –– closing the deal –– instead of foraging for information from a lead. Also, with advanced call tracking software innovations unique to Advocado, you can gain access to information beyond the sales call. Rather than prioritizing content that generates calls, you can zero in on content that contributes revenue.

How to Find the Best Call Tracking Software

Though call tracking is new tech, it’s grounded in answering some of the oldest problems marketers face. In fact, every modern marketer needs to have call tracking in their arsenal. However, not all call tracking companies are created equal. Here are three insightful questions you should ask any call tracking company before doing business with them:

How Accurate is Your Call Attribution?

First and foremost, a call tracking company should be able to give you a clear picture of which marketing efforts are generating phone calls, and which ones are flubbing their lines. Remember to ask not only about how accurately a given call-tracking company can attribute calls, but how comprehensive their coverage is. If you’re not getting the full picture (all the way down to keyword-level call tracking), you’re really not seeing any of it.

What Call Metrics Does Your Software Provide?

A pile of raw data relating to the number of calls your company received isn’t going to do your business much good. As such, it’s vital that you inquire about the depth of information you and your sales team can expect to receive with call tracking software, as well as how that data is collected and disseminated (i.e, automatically or manually). Will you be able to analyze individual phone calls all the way through the sales cycle? Can your sales people expect detailed information on leads when they receive a call? In any industry, understanding your audience is fundamental to your success. If a call tracking company isn’t willing or able to clue you in on the information-based features of their service then you should be wary of their product.

Can Your Product Boost Revenue?

Bottom line, ask any prospective call-tracking companies that you research if they can actively help you make money. And the qualifier, “actively,” is important here. Because while some call-tracking companies might give you a portion of the information your company needs to succeed, the best call-tracking companies will have automated, iterative strategies to help you improve your marketing and sales performance. If your call tracking service doesn’t assist your team to make sales, market more effectively, and lower your advertising costs, then it’s not doing everything it could –– and should –– be accomplishing for you.

Call Tracking Investment

How Call Tracking Can Help Your Business

Businesses can spend money in one of two ways; expenses and investments. An expense has no long-term value. It’s a purchase a company makes to fill a gap or to address an issue temporarily. Call tracking, meanwhile, is an investment because it provides lasting returns, benefits, and advantages to any business that implements it properly. True, some of the concepts within call tracking can sometimes be difficult to follow. But the results speak for themselves. Advanced call tracking will help your business accomplish all of the following:

  • Create better content
  • Write more effective ads
  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Decrease ad spend
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Make more sales

At the end of the day, good marketing drives revenue. That’s why our call tracking software, that is included in our MicroMoment+ product and as a standalone for small businesses as TraaqrSMB, goes beyond the call to identify the most profitable opportunities for your business to explore. We work to remove the mystery from marketing the marketing process; with call tracking from Advocado you’ll never have to take a shot in the dark again. Instead you can create marketing strategies with confidence and start making more sales today!

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