What We Do

In the multi-platform media environment of today, research has shown that coordinated TV and digital campaigns can enhance advertising effectiveness. Advocado uses patented technology to monitor TV programming by market in real-time in order to trigger and optimize corresponding digital campaigns by dynamically adjusting online bids. With the data aggregated from this optimization platform, Advocado can provide brands new insights into the media behavior of today’s consumer.

Who We Are

When veterans of the television and digital industries came together and questioned the impact of TV advertising on online searches, the idea for Advocado was born. As advertising budgets continue to shift from traditional to new media, we see the potential to harness the power of both channels together, creating a whole new way to increase consumer engagement.


Optimize Micro-Moments

Upon detection of airing of TV commercial, Advocado’s algorithm will immediately optimize digital bids to ensure online presence at Micro-Moments, leading to increased click-through rates.

Connect Sessions to Ads

Advocado web session tracking tracks individual web visitors for enhanced attribution, helping brands identify which TV airings drive the most web traffic.

Complete Analytics Dashboard

Advocado’s easy to use platform automates brands’ ability to review TV and web attribution, all in real time.

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Advocado is the future of Cross-Channel Advertising.


Advocado increased our click-through-rate by 98%.


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